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The Hot Five Jazz&Blues Club opened its doors in 2006 at a time when the city of Porto was going through an accentuated cultural desert. The coherence of the club’s concept was possible thanks to the management and direction that was imposed as more than a business, a passion and some social responsibility on the part of the enterprising owner Alberto Indio.

Often tempted to give up in the first 5 years when there wasn’t enough public to cover rents and expenses, the history of the small club was made of an enormous financial effort and a union of Porto musicians, always possible due to the honesty of the your route. With nationally and internationally renowned artists stepping onto the stage at the Hot Five Jazz&Blues club, whether on European tours or through friendship and affinity with the owner’s private initiative, it was possible to see names such as: Orquestra de Jazz do Porto; Matosinhos Jazz Orchestra; David Biney; Carlos Bica; Cassandra Wilson; Pedro Abrunhosa; Rui Veloso; Minnemann Blues Band; Chris Cheek; Elliot Zigmund; as well as some concerts and initiatives by the Porta Jazz association. 1000 annual jazz&blues concerts 14,000 live shows since its opening The constant collaborations and residence space for students from music schools in Porto such as: Escola Valentim de Carvalho; Superior School of Music and Performing Arts and Silva Monteiro Music Course have allowed young music students to present their work and often experience going up on stage and playing with professional musicians in the “Jam Sessions” that the club provides weekly.

Many years of promoting culture by private initiative were covered, years before the sharp growth of tourism that was registered in the city of Porto. With a fundamental role, this hard crossing in the desert at a time when the customers were restricted to national residents, the club was financially insuring itself with many always with many difficulties, never giving in to the temptation to change its concept and its purpose of existence.

From 2013/2014, the influx and demand of foreign customers (more used to clubs of this kind) came like an oxygen bottle at a time when resources were starting to get tighter and tighter. The appreciation and reviews of excellence on traveler websites and tourism platforms with certificates of excellence and extraordinary ratings came to guarantee and stamp the credit that was already being given to this Porto club.

At this time, the Hot Five is ranked on Google and Tripadvisor with certificates of excellence and is referenced as a mandatory stop on the JAZZ EUROPEAN NETWORK, sharing this reference in Portugal only with Casa da Música and Hot Club de Lisboa.

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