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FAT TRIO "Maybe it's the inevitable wisdom of age, with Machacek now in his early 40s, but as impressive as "Living the Dream" is, and as much as it fits comfortably in his overall discography, it's the album where, despite its many twists and turns, harmonic, melodic and rhythmic surprises, and the evolving chemistry of FAT, it's also the album where all three musicians come together with a sense of nothing left to prove. And it's that very comfort level with each other, and that very feeling of maturity that makes "Living the Dream" an even better record than the superb "FAT"...and one of the very best in Machacek's growing discography." John Kelman/AllAboutJazz FAT, short for Fabulous Austrian Trio, came together in 2004 just before bandleader, Alex Machacek relocated from Vienna, Austria to Los Angeles. Before they established the band FAT, the trios first studio recordings appeared on Machacek's US debut album "[sic]", which also featured Terry Bozzio. "Alex Machacek's music starts where other music ends" John McLaughlin's reaction to "[sic]" Over the years, Alex continued to keep this trio alive whenever he travelled to Europe. In 2010 they recorded their first self-titled album as a band, "FAT". “So far beyond good it's not about good anymore...” Wayne Krantz "...a tremendously exciting new record and a wonderful new trio..." Ian Patterson/All About Jazz "Clearly, the chemistry between the three musicians is something that inspires Machacek to some of his finest playing yet, as just one listen to "FAT" reveals". John Kelman/AllAboutJazz In 2015 FAT released its 2nd album "Living The Dream" and already recorded the basic tracks for their 3rd album. Needless to say, FAT is not a one-off project, but rather a band who is in it for the very long run! Alex Machacek + Raphael Preuschl + Herbert Pirker = FAT